Sunday, July 6, 2008

Quick drawing - dog and his pet !

[ click pic for a larger view ]

Heres a drawing I did today in Photoshop. Maaan, I love this wacom tablet, lets me do whatever I want without all the messiness of colors :)


blogger33 said...

nice one

Mahesh Bisht said...

Dude Nice pic..really like the composition...

Anonymous said...

Hi Chaitanya,
I had asked this question recently in your orkut forum and I thought why not ask you directly!
I want to do the Animation Mentor program, and i am dead serious about it. I have been doing whatever u have mentioned in your earlier posts, about gaining your knowledge about this field from blogs, websites, etc., since four months now. And i know i can do it! I can create the magic!

In the website of AM, the minimum age requirement mentioned is 18 and the student must be a high school graduate. Now the thing is I am 20 years of age and i have done my HSC, Pune. Since the past two years i have worked as an assistant director and right now i am doing a course in animation which is bogus! Thinking of leaving it!


Chaitanya Limaye said...

To Anonymous,
It would have been better if you could have left your name with the comment instead of keeping anonymous.
In the US, a high school graduate is a person who has finished 12th grade. So, I feel you are certainly eligible to get into AM.

Mahesh Bisht said...

hey wht abt the updates...?

wht happen to ur blog...???? no update frm last one month

Ambica Banu said...

hey Chaitanya!!!
was good listening to your experience of term 1 at AM.
sure hope to see more of your blog!!!

Shivani said...

Hi Chaitanya,
I'am Shivani from India...keen on learning animation..frankly speaking I dont even know even A abt animation..but I like watching animated movies..& wish to learn it.I like drawing but havnt done in ages..but now I'll be starting wid more drawing..want to know what all is more important to do while going for animation. Frankly speaking I can't learn animation by going for classes...I'am working cant leave my job & go for it..tell me how well can I learn if I try online..??I tried seeing all the sites u have mentioned..but mostly all of them were into high end animation...none of the sites seemed to be for a beginer..Ive found one :
which is into drawing..what u suggest is it good to go..& start with it atleast..???Please suggest me..!!I'am a graduate..

aditi said...

its really fabulous
hi chaitanya m aditi
i jus completed my animation course from thumbnail
i thot u wer in thumbnail a year ago. . .if u r d one from thumbnail glad to meet u again.
u might nt recognise me coz u left d class whn i joined