Sunday, October 5, 2008

Hi, I m a Mac

and I was a PC

A change of topic. Recently I got a new 20” iMac 2.66Ghz and this post is my thought about how its changing the way I use my computer.

I have studied computer science in college and have used different Operating Systems. I first started using DOS and Windows 3.1 on a 286 PC when I was a kid, drawing in paint-brush and taking its printouts on a noisy dot-matrix printer. Since then I have used all consumer (non-server) versions of Windows till Vista SP1. In college I started using Linux, namely Fedora and RedHat and also used Fedora for all CS assignments. None of the OS and their different versions was a nice experience . I always felt Windows more comfortable to use over Linux. But I hadn’t seen Mac OS X yet.

I got a chance to try it out a couple of months ago. Last 3 months I was taking a look at the Mac side of computers, read a little about it, saw some how to videos on you-tube and I was blown away by the sheer simplicity, the efficiency of the OS and the Design. It dint take more than 5 days to get familiar with it and it soon made me feel at home. I hadnt ever seen before seen a computer boot within 40 seconds and completely ready to use.

Also, the hardware design is a world apart. Its so slick and solid. Gosh! I miss all the wires, bulky hardware and clutter :D Now with the iMac that sits on my desk, I totally can relate to the “Hi I am a Mac, I am a PC” ads. Of course those are sometimes exaggerated, but yes, close to reality. I am still awe-struck with it. How hadnt I seen anything like this ever before ?!

Its not that I hate Windows, I have XP installed through boot camp. But its there just in case there is a need to run some windows based program on that rare occaison.

I think if you hasn’t seen or used one, I would say do yourself a favor by trying it out and if you like it, free yourself from the hard-ships of “maintaining” the computer.

Cheers !

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Mike York said...

Hey Chaitanya,

Love the Mac huge fan and it will make your animations even better its a "secret" sush ... done tell no body :-)