Tuesday, December 29, 2009


Hello and welcome back !
Its been quite some time since I've updated things here. There are a lot of interesting things that happened with me in last two months. So here are the top News Stories at this hour.

got my first gig !

Exciting times! I finished studies at AnimationMentor in September and then within a month's time got hired at Prana Studios in Mumbai as a Character Animator. It is super exciting to get a chance to work at one of the best studios in the country as my first gig. I am here to work on a really good project and am excited to work on it everyday. This place has a lot of good talent and I am always learning new things from them.
Prana has previously worked on Disney's Tinkerbell and Tinkerbell - Land of Lost Treasure. If you haven't watched them yet, definitely check them out. Both the films are really beautiful !

Moving to Mumbai from Pune was a big thing for me. Pune has a much cooler and dry climate and is less than half as crowded as Mumbai is. Now that I've been there for two months, am getting used to it now.

my short-film got nominated !!

Another News. My animated short film "Phone Interview" got nominated for 24Fps Awards. In the end it dint win, still it was a great feeling to see it being nominated. I know there are a lot of ways I could have made the story more interesting, but then I am happy for it being my first personal film.

conducted a Disney drawing workshop !!!

This month I got a chance to conduct a cartoon drawing workshop for Disney at Landmark bookstore in my home town Pune. The event was a part of Disney's ToyFest to celebrate the holidays. It was a great experience being among kids and teaching them to draw Mickey Mouse. There were about 15-20 kids around 6 to 12 years of age and they did a splendid job ! It was an hour of pure joy. Some kids needed more attention than others and often kept calling me to check out how it was coming. It was a lot of fun teaching them how to draw using simple shapes and to see them do great at it. At the end of the hour long session there were prizes to be given to the three best entries and some gifts for all the participating kids. I remembered my days as a kid who loved to draw. I wish I get another chance to conduct such a workshop again.

Thats all news for now, Next time you are here there should be something more interesting (hopefully ;)). See you soon, same browser, same Blog !

- C.

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Milad Thaha said...

You're going HIGHER and HIGHER man... best of luck to you.. I'm suppoed to conduct a workshop on Feb 5th too! But not on drawing, its on a software known as Blender.