Saturday, April 10, 2010

Drawing the iPod way

I recently bought an iPod Touch and one of the first things I was looking forward to was the "Sketchbook Mobile App". I had read about it on some blogs and seen amazing artwork created on it.

How Awesome it is to have a big bunch of tools to draw and paint in your pocket ! The Batman is my first attempt at doing a full painting on it. I am surprised at how well it turned out to be. Woody is a quick drawing I did today. I am totally hooked to it !


Ambica Banu said...

cool stuff!!
it sure must be fun to take out your ipod and start sketching whenever something inspires you.
have fun!

Milad Thaha said...

Nice! I tried it out on my friend's iTouch quite a while back, and sure it was cool! Quite similar to the desktop version.

PS: Finally! A dot com! :D

Chaitanya Limaye said...

Thanks Ambica! Yeah, whenever inspiration strikes :) Will soon post some gesture drawings I did.

Milad, Ya, its like the desktop version. But its even more fun drawing directly with fingers.
hehe, finally a domain name.


Hi chaitanya,
I want to know the details of AM course ( fees ,formalities ..etc )
can you send me a mail.


seema said...