Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Joining Dreamworks Unit @ Bangalore !

Some sweet news !
Next week I am joining the Animation team at Dreamworks Dedicated Unit @ Technicolor. This is a Huge opportunity for me to work with amazing artists. Also Dreamworks being one of the Awesomest studios on the planet, it is a dream come true.

DDU has worked on the christmas special Merry Madagascar which is really funny and entertaining and is finishing a Halloween special called "Scared Shrekless".

Alongwith this comes the move to Bangalore where DDU is located. I had been there long ago, as a li'l kid so I dont really remember much. I am also really looking forward to exploring the city, have heard its a great place :)



raju said...

Hey ..!!! Congratulations on Ur Joing DDU ....its a gr88 news buddy .....hey and i wanna thanks for ur kind reply on my view in joining ANimation Mentor ....and the good news is im joying it and classes r going to start from this 28th of June. Thank u for ur support ..be in touch bye

Milad Thaha said...

WOW!!!! Oh my god! This is awesome news! I'll hopefully be at Bangalore within a month or so and I seriously expect a treat from you! :D

Congrats dude, DW is one of the coolest studios ever!

Gripen India said...

nice work dude:)

Utkarsh Sinha said...

Hi! I'll be joining DDU as an intern in about a week and found your blog! Are you gtalk/skype/etc?