Sunday, September 19, 2010

Beware of those Vans !

One night last week, I was walking back home after dinner. The weather was cool and my tummy was full - which also means I was in a pleasant mood.
Out of nowhere a Omni Van pulled in front of me..
And stopped !! I was terrified !
Then came the scarier part - the door slided open.

 It really creeped me out.

To add to it, a scary big hand poked out.

I was frozen with shock!

Now, you must be thinking, whats so scary about all this? Well, havnt you watched Hindi films? Omni Vans are the favorite vehicle of kidnappers ! If you dont know, go watch them. Take Sarfarosh and Fiza for example (for good and bad films respectively)

Why do kidnappers like the Van so much? Think ..
A guy is riding on a scooter.

The bad guys follow him.
 The door SLIDES !

Gone !

.. and no one knows it happened !

Well, now that you know why a Van is a scary thing, I'll return to what happened. I was frozen for a moment. A lot of thoughts went through my head - why would anyone kidnap me? What if they made me a slave animator?!! EEEEEEEEKK. Isnt that scary ?!

Few seconds later, I jolted back to reality and realized the Van was gone and I was still there.

I thanked God and decided I should make a Public Service Announcement (like at the end of those G.I.Joe TV show episodes) and make everyone aware about the Omni vans. They are Mean Kidnapping-Machines !

By the way - they are also used for transporting passengers (non-kidnapped) and other harmless goods like milk, bread, postal delivery and stuff. But still - BEWARE !

You'll Thank me when you dodge one.


ASITGOD said...

hehe...awesome .....scary yet funny..not to mention gr8 pics...i think that girl was a beware of vans especially when u see a pretty girl walking alone:P

Ambica Banu said...

ha..ha..Brilliant post Chait!!!

your narration and use of story board drawings had me totally drawn to the story. i like the bit where you go away from the main plot to explain why vans are scary, and the inclusion of the girl in that shot was sweet!!

Awesome!! keep rocking!

chandrashekhar ramprasad said...

hahaha! mast re! nice one!

Ketan said...

he dude.. you are goood.....

Milad Thaha said...

Wow, this is really good man, and guess what, I've felt that way about Omnis too xD

Chaitanya Limaye said...

Thanks guys ! I am happy to spread awareness and make the world a better place.

dapOOn said...

LOL My family used to have an Omni as our vehicle! Wonder what people used to think about that! :P

strawberry fizz said...

wow ur good at drawing