Monday, March 31, 2008

Few hours to go ! :)

The wait is finally come to an end as tonight I'll finally get inside AM :) ! I am super excited about it. I've been waiting a lot of years to find someone to teach me the real art of character animation.. finally I've found it and am now going to absorb as much as I can during my classes at AM to get the best out of me. A couple of days ago I got the Enrollment Agreement signed back from the school with a demo-reel do's and dont's and a couple of AM goodies! I just couldn't stop smiling.
I have been going out and sketching for two weeks now. Hope this practice helps in getting used to posing for animation. Here are some of my sketches.

Last six months I have been reading animation books like The Animator's Survival Kit, The Illusion Of Life : Disney Animation and Timing for animation. I am always searching out for amazing resources on animation on the internet. One of the most awesome resource I've stumbled upon and should be mentioned is The Animation Podcast. The first time I listened to it was an interview with Glen Keane. It was wonderful. Check for more, the latest podcast being an interview with james Baxter.

I have been trying all the time to get professional's critique for my animation tests I have done over these months. Here is a link to my pencil tests in 2d animation I've tried lately..
Here is a video of my more recent work.. Check that out and leave any comments about the videos.

So 12 hours to go until my journey begins ..

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