Friday, June 20, 2008

Kung Fu Panda and Legendary Animation !

Kung Fu Panda !!
This latest movie from Dreamworks Animation is a hell of a ride ! The animation will blow you away. You actually feel the agility of the fighters and the weight of the beloved panda Po. The fight scenes are so full of strength and action, you just get hooked to it. The story is not something very different, the trailers give much of it away. But still, the movie is a must watch !

The opening sequence of the movie in 2d was done by James Baxter Animation. This sequence alongwith the music that accompanies it, sets the pace for the movie and makes sure your eyes stay glued to the screen for rest of the movie. The end titles in 2d were done by a collaboration with Shine studios and James Baxter Animation.
Here are a few clips out of the start and end titles sequences of the movie at kevin Koch's blog.
If you havnt yet seen it, you are missing out a lot of good animation treat for your eyes ;) I would love to see an entire movie animated like that :D
Now I am going to frame by frame through this piece of animation gold !

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