Friday, June 20, 2008

Class One - the last week

Its one month since my last post. Last four weeks I was too busy animating that I really couldnt find time to update this space. We had to do two walks over two weeks each. One Vanilla walk (plain everyday walk) and one personality walk. Choosing a personality walk was one tiring thing for me. I had so many ideas to go for. I did a Moon-walk first but later kept it aside to go for a happy playful walk as the moon-walk would be a dance and less of a personality.

My mentor Jalil liked the final assignment and he said he dint have anything to point-out. This was the best moment of my term at AM. In week12 we also get personal feedback from our mentor about whats our strengths and areas of improvement. Jalil said that he was happy with my way of working as well as the understanding of principles. I started the class with some problems in understanding weight, but soon overcame it in some weeks.

Two of the biggest things I learnt from him are 1. Depicting weight in animation and 2. Treating every frame of animation as a drawing. Its amazing how he went through the animation assignments frame-by-frame. I really mean it -- frame - by - frame ! Even a slight posing problem, pop in motion, timing issues, nothing can go past him. This detailed critiquing helped me a lot. Its surprising how personalized crits from such experienced people can help one understand so much.

All of the term my class had a lot of fun! Its great how we get to know our mentor so well. Jalil is an insanely awesome guy ! He had a quiz for every week's Q&A for us. It was a superb way of learning and discussing. The winner of the Quiz who had most points at the end of the term would get a T-shirt from a movie production thats finished at the studio where he works, Weta Digital, NZ. Guess who won it ? Me !! So, I'll be awaiting the Tee as a souvenir of class1 :)

Heres my progress Reel for class1

This term has been so awesome! In some weeks of starting the term, we got a chance to talk to Shawn Kelly, ILM animator and co-founder of AM. It was So cool to be able to talk to him personally !

Now we gonna have a break for a week and then jump into class2 for some more action :)

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