Thursday, November 13, 2008

For Sock's Sake

This is a Animated short made with stop-motion by exchange students of Le Gobelins (France) and CalArts. The story is fun and it is amazing how anything can be made into a character ! This film is an example of how the story can be understood without any dialog but just sounds. Even watching it without the sound is still very readable. One of the students of Gobelins went over to Pixar after this film.


Ambica Banu said...

awesome animation!!!

so much character in them. and that too in stop motion animation!! really cool video!


Carlo vogele said...

I'm Carlo, author of this short.
I'm actually flattered you put it on your blog, with all the right information added (I'm impressed, how do you know i work at Pixar, haha)
all the best, man