Friday, January 30, 2009

Finished Acting shot

Its been more than three weeks since the new term started and I am having a great time playing around with facial animation for the first time ever. We had to complete the shot we started with one person dialog in the last term. So after these three weeks, and the weeks in the term before, its finally complete.

Along with the animation, We had to do some facial poses. This is an exercise to get the essence of the emotion in the face on Bishop - the rig. Here are some of them.

Now its time to start afresh with another dialog animation, interesting times ahead !


Mahesh Nambiar said...

Good Idea.. Nice study of expressions.. Thanks for your words in my blog..
I have a small suggestion. try to exaggerate those expressions and check how it would be..

Sujal Gaur said...

Hello Chaitanya.. i m from india i m also.. learning animation my self at home i read about animation mentor but its tution cost is very high. but this is my wish i learn from there .. now i m wrking on walk cycle but there is not a good rig.. can u tell me.. can i donwload animation mentor rig.. ?