Friday, January 2, 2009

"NY Freaks" go to Africa

A week ago I watched Madagascar 2 and it really lived upto my expectation. The story in the first movie is taken further on an interesting journey. The film is a treat even before the movie starts, the penguins attacking the boy in the dreamworks logo is damn funny and got me ready for what was coming.
The animation is just awesome. The backgrounds and sets are pleasing. Character designs of the new characters (other than those from Madagascar1) introduced in the film dont seem to have much novelty though.
Alex, Marty, Gloria and Melman going to their own place - Africa. The new world they discover, the surprises in store for each keep the movie fresh. The other characters - the Penguins, King Julian and the monkeys guarantee laughs for their escapist plans, ritualism and worker-union problems respectively.
I felt the old lady from the first movie was over-used. It was good the first time she is seen in the safari, but keeping her doing all that repeatedly was tiring. The Lion story reminded me of The Lion King and was predictable. Apart from these things, the movie rocks :) I will recommend it to anyone wants to laugh out loud. The kid on a seat next to me just couldnt stop laughing !

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