Tuesday, March 31, 2009

One Year at AnimationMentor

Hello everyone out there!
Its exactly one year I have been studying at AM and its unbelievable to see how far I have come. It feels good to see I have made a lot of progress since the rough pencil tests I did before joining. At the same time, its shocking to see how time flies by, it still feels like its been just a couple of months back, that I was getting ready and curious to get in and start to absorb all I can.
I want to thank AM, their mentors, staff and my AMer buddies who make it THE most awesome educational experience. I have two more classes to go and really looking forward to what magic is in store for me.

Now on, I'll update my blog frequently, so if you are interested, do visit and I am sure you wont be turned down by a really dusty old post ;)

- Chai'

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