Saturday, April 4, 2009

Short Film Pre-production starts

I am now in Class5 at AM and am kick-starting the process of planning my short film. This class is about pre-production, that is all about coming up with interesting story, characters, pitching stories, nailing it right, deciding the story structure, making story-boards and finally layout. The next class we are going to take the film from layout to polished animation. So this is going to be 6 months in the works and the most important project I'll be working on at AM.
I cant contain the excitement of doing all this. I have started to develop interest in story-boarding as well. Whatever ups and downs come in the next months, its going to be an awesome ride !

This week was week-1 of class5 and we got introduced to our new mentors. My mentor this term is Elliot Bour. I had seen some of his student's work before and I knew I was in good hands. Before the Q&A I checked out his website and I was blown away. He started at Disney in 1991 and has worked on 2d animation in films like Lion King, Beauty and the Beast, Mulan and more. He has also experience working in story-boarding and directing animation films. The 2d animation in his animation reel is fantastic ! I recommend you visit and check out the "animation" and "shorts" sections. Its really entertaining and a joy to watch.

The first Q&A was nice, we got to know the mentor and each other. This time my class is a mix of some familiar faces and some new ones. Elliot is a nice guy, he explanied to use what is in store for us in this term and also gave us a peek into his approach on mentoring. Then some of us asked some very good questions and then wrapped up.

This week have no submission, just brainstorming to do for story ideas.

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