Sunday, May 10, 2009

UP Storyboards

I have been working on the storyboards and animatic of my short-film "Phone Interview". Lately my interest in Storyboarding is increasing. I am loving this process of visually telling the story. Its like having all the freedom to try out different things without getting too busy with the details. I am working on the storyboarding for last 2 weeks and its been awesome ! There is a lot of things I have learnt, the story has developed a long way just through putting together drawings of how I visualize it. Its amazing how just a slight change in the composition, posing can make a huge change in how the audience will experience the emotion in it.

These days I am trying to find most I can about this amazing art. Look what I stumbled upon today - storyboards from Pixar's UP !

I'll put up my animatic really soon.

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