Monday, April 6, 2009

Making Stories

For some time now I have been thinking about ideas for my short film. I had some ideas I had scribbled and made tiny little drawings of whatever I "saw" in my mind. Last 1-2 weeks I have been thinking about what can make a good story for a very short film, since we have to keep it 30-40 seconds in length to make sure it can be completed in the next 6 months. Even when I would go for a run or a jog I had things popping up in my mind. As soon as I got a chance, I made note of these things on paper, even a word or a sentence that had hit me.

This thing has helped me well. Then last week I watched the first lecture of class5 which was amazing. It helped me free my mind and explore more ideas. I am happy I could come up with six rough ideas for a story. Not all of them are great, but exploring is one huge part of the process.

I put them together in words and posted them on a Facebook note and AM Public Review and there were a lot of replies from friends, about why they liked something and why something needed more attention to make it work. Some of them were very insightful from a point of view of story-structure and flow. All these comments, however small or in-depth they were, are going to help me work on my story pitches which we are going to submit to our mentors this weekend. So, you are one of those peeps who commented, Thanks a lot for your time and suggestions !

I have to come up with 3 story pitches to submit as assigment this weekend. I'll keep thinking more for new ideas and also how to refine the existing ones. Do check back again to read the three ones that make it into the submission.

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