Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Toy Story 3 coming

I have been waiting for this since I heard its in the making. Heres the Toy Story 3 teaser. By now I guess you have seen in a lot of times, but I couldnt help contain my excitement.

ToyStory was THE film that made me fall in love with animation and have been a HUGE fan of it. I remember coming home completely blown away and trying to make a comic book of everything I had seen in it. Unfortunately I couldnt remember exactly what happened after the scene where plastic soldiers find new toys being brought for Andy's birthday and so had to drop my idea of a comic book. I drew a lot of toy story characters especially Woody and Buzz, also made a small Woody doll out of paper and cloth. This is one of the few movies that left a deep impression on me as a 9 year old.
ToyStory 2 was even more awesome and I have been waiting for another sequel since then.
The wait will be over next year, coincidentally exactly one year from now :)

I am sure every ToyStory fan will enjoy the teaser, it has the beautiful Randy Newman theme, almost all the characters from the first two movies and the same feel !

To Infinity and Beyond !
- Chai'

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