Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Short Film Layout

Class 5 is over at AM and it just flew by ! It was just 15 months back that I was dreaming of making my own short film and cant believe how time went by doing the things that I love to do.

This was another great term, was especially different since this one dealt with pre-production of an animated film. We had been introduced to strong planning also I knew in theory how a film is brought from script to screen but dint know HOW its done practically. Class 5 gave us a hands-on experience on how to develop a story, pitching it, boarding it, reboarding it, cutting together and editing animatics and then the layouts.

Thanks to Elliot Bour, my mentor for the term, I learnt so much about storyboarding. The QnAs were very interesting and he also did some demo's for us which were pretty cool. I'll start exploring storyboarding more, I like the process of telling the story visually and drawing everything.

Here is the final layout pass of the short film as of now. Cant wait to start animating it :)

Thanks to my friend Littu Kurien for help with the garbage-bag Rig. You rock :)

- C.

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Rajesh Gupta said...

Hi Chaitanya,
I like your Layout concept. The story is very interesting and the end is awesome. Keep it up!