Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Class 6: short film production

Aloha! Its been a while I havn't updated the blog. Class 6 started this July and I was so pumped about it that I got too busy with it.
My new mentor is Keith Sintay . He is a super awesome guy and a great animator. If you have watched Open Season, Surf's Up, Tarzan, Mulan, Spirit and even the recent Transformers2, you have watched his work. He has been a 2d animator at Disney and later jumped into CG animation. Presently he works at DigitalDomain. If you want a peek at how awesome his work is, watch his demoreel. I am sure you will be as blown away as much as I was :)
This term I am having few familiar faces and some new ones as classmates and the Q&As have been fun. These guys are really good and keep pushing their work, its really inspiring to watch their films progress through the weeks.

Since this term started I've been totally busy working long hours on the animation for my short film. We are recommended to keep the short film upto 30 seconds in length so its doable in 3 months. My story was around 55 seconds in layout itself. So I knew I had to push it real hard in order to give it a good chance to finish it with polish by end of the term.

Now we are half way into this term and the animation is finally coming together. I am happy with the progress I've done in this term. With the animation, the film's screen time went a little over 1 minute now! I'll upload the blocking and blocking-plus passes of the animation soon.

Here are some designs I did to explore the look and feel of the characters and their surroundings at the end of last term. It helped me explore the colors and get them to support the story and animation. As you will notice, the design for the homeless guy changed since I had to use another rig whose head was a different shape than what was in the drawing. Hope you like them :)

- Chai

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