Tuesday, September 29, 2009

AM Alumni !

Animation School

Some days ago I finished my AM journey as a student, I will be saying this for the n-th time now - I cant believe how these months flew by. When we get to do the thing we love to do every day, its just so much fun !
Today a new term starts back at AM and I am missing the excitement of getting to know the new mentor, classmates and such. Anyway, I can move on :) Heres my Alumni badge I can flash now ;)

Now that I am an Alumni, my blog will undergo some makeover (well, not really, its just a fancy word). I'll re-design some small things here and will be posting drawings, animation and just more blah. Watch out for it !

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raju said...

Hi Chaitanya,
im Shekhar charector Animator from Hyd like to have Some information regarding AM school,
IS it better to Choose AM than any on the Animation Graduation schools ?? and
Do we get certificate on animation mentor is it valuable ? can it be compared to Any graduation Certificate for getting a job in US.

Pls im new to this blog and hope u will be helping me in getting a god education to improve my skills waiting for ur Kind Reply.