Monday, September 21, 2009

Short Film "Phone Interview" complete

Hello folks!
Last week was the last of my AnimationMentor journey as a student. I finished the short film I had started 6 months back.

Working on this has been a great learning experience. I learnt a great deal about the whole process of film making right from developing a story and got to animate a lot as well :) I would be glad to have your comments.

Music by Alexandra Harwood.

Thanks for watching :)


Viny Velayudhan said...

Hey Chaitanya,
Your short looks great. I had seen your blocking. The end result has turned out nice. The falling down motion looks good too. Good Luck :)

smita said...

hey .. great job:)

*SaNdY said...

Superb Man...Congrats... It looks gr8.


Archer... said...

Hi... That reel's great. The expressions are too good. looking at it makes me even more excited to make such stuff..... :)

Milad Thaha said...

Hi Chaitanya,
Great reel, you've got there. Any plans for adding in shadows, textures and some compositing? Would look perfect then.

The expressions are brilliant, especially the one when the guy drops some coins into the can. Loved it!

The bag was pretty good too, it had that soft, yet clunky feel.

Amanda Wagner said...

Awesome Job Chai!!! your film came out great.

Chaitanya Limaye said...

Thanks guys! :)

Milad, its not my demo-reel actually. Demo-reel will have some other shots too.About the shadows,texture - its not lit yet, I might light and render it later on with help from some friends.