Sunday, January 9, 2011

Sketchbook pages 1

Happy 2011 folks! Hope you had a good celebration ushering the New year.
I had a nice holiday break and it was very relaxing. I also found time to scan some of my sketchbook drawings from last few months. I just love to go out and draw - its fun, relaxing and also a study in people, behavior and poses. Here are some of the sketches to start with.

This is one of the many 'watch sellers' on Brigade road. They seem to sell either fake or used branded watches - they are too many of them!

These are from a coffee shop.

I'll post more in the next few days.


Chandrashekhar R said...

good ones!

Kamilka - sweet chocolate said...


Chaitanya Limaye said...

Thanks guys !

Rainbow Sox said...

WOW! thats amazing! i could never draw that well!

surfergirl9877 said...

awesome drawing! i as well love to draw and sketch but mostly enjoy drawing people doing things, like for example riding their bike. anyways, i love your drawings and could almost be this much as close to jealous -- out of this much jealousy:-----. no offense; but i like them!
have a gr8 day!