Sunday, January 23, 2011

Sketchbook pages 3

Some more Sketchbook pages from last year.

Observing people is a fun exercise for Animators, but there is too much happening out there to take in. Very little from what I observe is saved back in my little piece of brain. Thats why I like doing gesture-drawing a lot. When I am drawing people I tend to observe them in a better way. It gives me time to think about whats going on with them, what kind of person that could be? what does their body language say? whats happening in their posture mechanics-wise? what's their relation to the people they are with? what does their way of dressing tell or hide about them? among many other things.
This way I hope to build a memory bank of behaviour, poses, ideas, characters that I could some day subconsciously be able to apply to the characters I am animating.

For example, theres a lot happening in the above sketch of a couple. I'll leave up to you to figure out what it could be.

Anyway, drawing is just too much fun to do, even if you dont think of it as an "exercise"!


Dapoon said...

It's true! Observing people is such a better way to understand characters and their mannerisms.

Word of advice though: When you're observing people, don't let them know you're observing them. I once had this bitter experience of observing a girl a little too obviously, while sketching her. Her boyfriend walked straight up to me and warned me to take my eyes off her! LOL! :P

Chaitanya Limaye said...

Hahaa I hope it dint get any worse. Luckily I haven't had any such experience. Also I finish each gesture drawing within 1 min or 2 at the max so I dont need to look at a person more than that.

harish kumar said...

just came across your blog. i didn't know that there are these many technicalities. as soon as i saw the first sketch of yours i fest i should also take up animation.(just joking)

raghavsingh said...

hi chaitanya my name is raghav i am doing an 2yr animation course in bangalore and currently working on my final 3d project which i would finish in this month. i just wanted to know what exactly are the things i should be ready with when applying for a animator job.?secondly although i have two years experience working in an KPO(completly contrast to animation field) will that be considered while acessing me, my pay.? & what pay does an fresher get?thirdly can you let me know about some of the companies which you would recomend me to apply for job.

Ms. Code said...

You are very talented! I can't draw so I alway love it when I come across an artist! Keep up the good work!

Chaitanya Limaye said...

@Harish, Theres a lot of things, nuances to observe in the world. More you dig in, more you find it deeper and interesting ;)

To apply for a job in Animation industry, you need a strong demo-reel / portfolio and a solid understanding of the animation process. Your KPO experience might not help much since this profession is entirely different. I would suggest look up on google for Animation studios in India and keep an eye for ads on

Thank you !

Two Guys Having Chai said...

A picture of that via this

Nadia Mura said...

Hi!sorry, I can't speak eanglish very well, however I like very much your drawing especially because I can't do it. Above all I like your thought about observing with care people and world around us because I do the same with my camera.

wall sticker said...

you drew all these?!?!?!?!?

I like it very much

wowsticker said...

where can I find you, I would like you to do a drawing of me^.^