Monday, May 19, 2008

Horton Q&A !

Last week was a big opportunity for me to interact with Mike Walling, who is an animator who worked on Horton Hears a Who. On May 13th we had a special Horton &Q&A. That too, at 2:30 am after midnight ! How was I gonna miss it? No way! :D
I woke up early and joined the Q&A and maaan the server was so slow. That was very natural, because this session was open for everyone from class1 to class3. Everyone was jumping into the Q&A. It was a crazy time with all the video lag. Thankfully, the audio was working quite well.

All students were very enthusiastic and got all our questions answered. I got to asked about how did they think of the character Katie and whats that "aaaah" expression all about ?? :D
They said that Katie was one of the little characters in the forest. While story-boarding, the "aaah" expression was put in as a gag. They werent really sure how well it will work, but whoa! It became Soo popular, Katie has got her own videos on YouTube. About the expression, even they were confused about what it exactly meant. It was something wierd .. like a mix of happiness, excitement. Katie was animated by BlueSky animator Jason Martinsen whos also a mentor at AM.

The Q&A dint last long as usual mentor Q&As do as they had class4 to 6 to talk to. But that was one memorable experience I will never forget : )

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