Sunday, May 18, 2008

Heavy Metal

Ok, confused about the title?

By heavy metal, I mean IRONMAN ! I got a chance to watch it last week. IRONMAN is one of the best super-hero movies, though I would rate Spider-man 1 and 2 more just because its been my favorite comic book since childhood. I havent read much of IronMan comics, but was keen on watching it because of great reviews it got and the VFX.

This movie has everything to be a super super-hero movie.. great visual effects, animation and cool acting performance by Robert Downey Jr. The VFX are fantastic.. ILM keeps coming up with ground-breaking stuff, still I feel Transformers was an even better treat. I would recommend to anyone into kick-ass action flicks.
Stan-Lee the maker of the ironman comics also makes the mandatory appearance though really small, as he does in movies on his characters just the way he has to appear in every Spider-man movie !

The main thing that makes this movie different is the story.. the way its staged. All the events happen in today's world. It has all the things that make you identify with today's situation about war and terrorism and arms race. The way they have approached the topic of how we are destructing ourselves for our short term benefits is great. The movie has not only action, futuristic technology, audis, glitz but some heart to it. This story definitely dares to be different.I just love the way the movie ends.. making it so much different than other superhero movies ! Go watch it if you havent yet.

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