Monday, May 5, 2008

Sessions 105 and 104

WoW ! I just cannot believe how time flies when you do the thing you love to do the most. Its already more than a month since starting the class and I already feel I have learned a lot from my time at AM than I did learn on my own in last 6 months.

I just completed my week 5 assignment yesterday. We had to animate a ball bouncing through an obstacle course. The main objective was to study anticipation and Squash-n-Stretch. At the same time the ball should do all the things it did in previous assignments.
The moment I saw the assignment, I went crazy because this was the first time we could show more creativity in the animation while following the setup that AM gave. Many times students move around the obstacle course to create different paths. I did not move any part of the obstacle just to put myself in a habit of working in specific layout settings.
We also had to submit a sketch poses of "devastation" and pose our beloved 'Stu' Rig in one of the sketched poses.
This week was the most packed one with me spending most of my day into animating the assignment. This was hell lot tough than compared to what I had thought.

I cannot stress enough the AM community is giving me. I get continuous detailed feedback on my work from campus mentors, peers and peer-buddies. This makes me go out and give out suggestions on my friends' works. This sharing of ideas is just great !

Here goes the result..

And here goes the pose "devastated"

Last week was a mix of things. I got a bad grade from my Mentor. He pointed out the major problem in last week's assignment. I had forced the ball to stop at point B. I should have let it bounce the way it would naturally do. But this made me push even farther and came up with a good assignment for that week. I also turned in the revision for bouncing ball assignment.
The assignment we had was animation of two bouncing balls.. yes two ! Each with a different weight. I did a ping-pong ball and an iron ball. I worked really hard on that and guess what ? My mentor liked it and also gave out a good grade ! Yay!
Here is last week's (session 104) assignment..

Here is the revision to Session 103 assignment..

See you soon with something more interesting ..
Adios !


Mahesh Bisht said...

Dude gud start again..

1) I think wid ur obs ball animation u need to antic little more frame

2) when he jump in the air its nt looking Gud might be some prb wid the arc or spacing/timming prb..

3) overall timming is tooo fast... u need to workout the timming for the hole shot

4) at the end u need to settle it properly dude..

HappY animation..

Keep Posting



good on you man u r doing it well!!!

bairav said...

I can't see animation..
Have U removed it?