Monday, May 5, 2008

I heard a "who" !

I got to watch Horton hear a Who , the weekday after it was released here in India. It was a movie I was waiting for because it was from BlueSky Animation Studios, the people who made Ice Age 1&2 ! Also another reason to add on top was that over 20 of graduates and past students of AnimationMentor have worked on the movie.

Horton is definitely a must watch movie. The animation is mind-blowing, the story is very humble, the composition and production design is beautiful and Amazing acting performances by animators !
Its a story of Horton, an elephant who one day finds a clover with a tiny li'l speck on it. He believes there are people on it as the speck makes sounds. Indeed, the speck has a world on its own full of creatures called "who"s who are a happy-go-lucky kind of people. With his perspective of "A persons a person, no matter how small", Horton sets out to save the world on the speck from the authoritative Kangaroo and other wild from the jungle of Nool.

Horton's acting is great ! The way he wraps, curls, stretches his ears to make funny hats and punk caps adds the fun to the main performance. No one will miss Katie the li'l yellow furry sheep-like creature in Horton's class. Whenever shes happy she does some crazy expression saying "Aaaaaaah" which cracks me up every time I watched her do it :D

I just love some of the scenes .. the one when Horton is searching for "the" clover in a sea of pink clovers, then the end scene is great too when the camera trucks out to show that even our world could be a tiny li'l speck in someone else's world reinforcing the thought that "
A persons a person, no matter how small". So True !

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