Monday, May 19, 2008

Session 107

This week was CRAZY !! This was the mother of all assignments till now. It had everything we learnt since class1 started. We had to make sure everything - timing, spacing, anticipation, stretch and squash, overlap worked together right in this work. I got my hands on the cute tailor. As this assignment has so much going on, its really difficult to make sure everything works right. This was the most challenging assignment of all till date.
What a time to screw things up. I put in 1 day of planning and came up with a really lame and boring shot. I uploaded it for my peers to see and most were disappointed. One of my friends gave a really genuine suggestion and told how that assignment wasnt really working. I tried to be brave and just scrapped it and started from scratch afresh. I did a new plan and went ahead with it with a fresh approach. It did work well ! :)
This is what I had planned for..

This is the final work I turned in.

In between the week, I got my eCritique for last week's pendulum animation from Jalil. Wow, I was so happy to see that he liked it and I got an impressive grade! Getting overlap into work is one of the most difficult things in animation and I had just done it quite well!! WooHoo! :D

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Sandeepan Chanda said...

That's a fine piece man! The overlapping was great, but I think there is a little glitch when tailor turns on the rock. It kind of just turned!
All the best for your future mate!!

And by the way, how did you upload the quicktime movie? I myself need it for my blog.